Cleaning exhaust tip:

When cleaning your exhaust tip do not use any abrasive cleaners. Use degreasers to remove exhaust soot, for example WD40.

Scratch removal:

In order to remove scratches on the pipework use green or grey scotch and lightly polish around the circumference of the tube.

Replacing sticker:

Removal of the original sticker can be easily done using a sharp edge to pry a corner up (taking upmost care of the can) and then using a pair of pliers to pull the sticker off, an alcohol based cleaner will then need to be used to remove the remaining residue prior to application of the new sticker, The adhesive is a one use application so making sure you have the positioning correct is essential and once applied 24 hours without use are required for it to fully set, for replacement stickers please email us at


For exhausts used regularly on track we would recommend re-packing every 12 months. Please email us for re-packing kit prices.