"Why Inconel?"

Inconel is superior to Titanium and Stainless for exhaust manufacturing due to the following:

Unlike Titanium it will not burn through, it can be as thin as 0.37mm wall due to it's unrivaled strength. It disperses hot gasses far quicker as it retains heat 6 times more efficiently than Titanium, this helps get rid of the gasses quickly, (you often see Ti & stainless systems with wraps around them, this is to keep them as hot as possible so they get rid of the gasses quickly). By holding high temperatures this keeps the ambient temperature low, it also cools down very quickly. In a like for like full system test of the Evo Titanium full Akrapovic against our full Inconel system on the same bike on the same dyno with pcV our system gave 5BHP more power.

We also use a 0.7mm wall thickness for even further weight reduction.

"The looks and sound speak for themselves"

From sheet material to the finished product

From the F1 manufacturing plant to our test dyno facility, all in house

World leading formula 1 exhaust design and manufacturing company here in the UK

We are the 1st company world wide to offer F1 technology inconel exhaust systems to bike race teams and retail customers

Our exhausts are hand built using the latest materials and technology

"We do not mass produce"

We constantly progress our systems for optimum performance gains

We constantly look to give the riders the best products for both quality and performance to help the team to great results. These products are also available directly to you!

We, Like you, are passionate about bikes. 

Inconel 625, why settle for anything else when you can have the best!